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The Harbisons

Hello There!

We are Seth and Britt Harbison.

We are creatives.


We love nothing more than to take the little pixels of your life and create a film that expresses your beautiful story! 

The little "pixels" of our lives are what have brought us to where we are today. 

We live every single day to create memories and to capture them on film! 

This is our one chance at life here on this earth! It is meant to be enjoyed, cherished and we want to help you document the beauty of your ONE life. 





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The one chance we have at living is right now! 

The one shot at life here on earth! 

The one chance we have to love family. Love each other. Go on adventures! 

And God allows us to love, to explore, to live!! 



A tiny little spot of illumination, many of which make up a single, beautiful image!

A minuscule burst of light that forms something greater!


Life Pixels.

Little burst of love, joy, adventure, adoration, and bliss in this thing called life! 

Daily, seemingly minute, yet substantial moments that make up our lives. 

Your Life Pixels!

These are cherished moments that are fleeting... with no pause button for those time you wish you could marinate in for a little while. Longing to soak up every single second. 


These "pixel" sized seconds turn to minutes. Minutes to hours. Hours to days. Day to years and so on.... Making up your life. 

A single, beautiful image! 


Allow your Pixel moments to form something greater, as they are designed to do. 

Because it is those "Life Pixels" that produce YOUR own beautiful image of Life!

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