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Glimpse: (noun)

A brief, momentary view

Marriage Video

Maybe you are just beginning and you and your husband want a video of a random sunday afternoon at home to capture those glimpses of that life is like for you while it is just the two of you.

New Life Video

 Or maybe you are now starting to grow your family. A New Life video would allow you to relive a glimpse of that amazing day, or night, when you heard that little cry for the first time and held that baby girl in your arms in awe of all that it took to get her here. 

Family Snapshot Video

 Or maybe you are a family of 5 now, and you are realizing the reality of just how fleeting life is. Those babies grow up to be big kids. You realize those sweet voices will not always sound the same way. Capture it! As you watch them grow and change, you begin to know the urgency of capturing a glimpse of your ever-changing family. 

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