Why you MUST hire a Videographer for your Wedding

January 12, 2017

 There is never any doubt in your mind, Brides, that your wedding day is going to be anything less that magical! You have day-dreamed about this day your whole entire life! You have now found The One that you know you can not live without, and you can not wait to take his name and be his forever! When you think of your upcoming Wedding day, you smile, as you imagine him seeing you for the first time! Your heart flutters a little bit! I remember!

 The picture here shows that very scene, of a sweet couple that had been building with anticipation for that moment! And the picture of this scene is precious and thrilling.... but the video! 

To actually get to listen to his comments and to watch him fighting back tears, as you giggle because you don't know what else to do as his gaze falls all around you, his Bride! Pictures are beautiful and essential to documenting your wedding day, but I have put together 3 top reasons why you must hire a videographer, as well, to capture those moments! 

1. Video allows you to relive the moment unlike your awesome pictures. And I know this, regretfully, first hand. We had a beautiful small wedding. It was truly a ceremony merging two families into one. May will be 9 years that we have been doing life together as Mr. and Mrs. Harbison, and oh how I love my man!! (insert sappy love music here)  We have some good photos from that wonderful day that are in a pretty album to look at and share with guest. #whereisthatalbumanyway  Regretfully, to save on the cost of the wedding and to stay in budget, we did not hire a videographer. We had a family friend push play on a video camera, which I am thankful of, but it does not capture the emotion of the day. A Wedding film, produced by a wedding videographer, like myself, will find the story. Your love story. And produce a cinematic film starring you and your groom, that will forever allow you to relive that day. The scenes you must be able to revisit. That first look. The sealing kiss. You dad's tears as he hands his baby girl over. The laughter and excitement that took place in that one single day.

2. A Videographer will preserve the REAL moments! Again, I will say that photography is so very important, but by the end of the day, you (and mostly your groom) will be saying "do we not have enough pictures". Photographers are being paid to create a perfect, hang up on canvas photo for you. Videographers are there to preserve the sincerity of the day. The moment the photographer tells you that you can drop your pose, and you actually look at each other and you lean into your groom as if to say "I can't believe our wedding day is finally here!" That moment is what I look for! Sometimes, when I am shooting a wedding, I look at the Bride and Groom as they are being positioned for yet another photo and want to tell them to stop for a moment and breathe it in. Look at each other and not for a photo but because this wonderful day is flying by! As the videographer, I crave and seek after those moments that are unscripted and sincere...And you will too, the very next day!

3. Your love story is forever, and forever changing. You were boyfriend and girlfriend. Now, he is your fiancé! Soon you will be Husband and Wife. Your love story is changing and growing. Think about you having kids one day with this groom of yours. Having our little boy is one of the greatest joys in my life and in our marriage! And I can not even imagine sharing grandchildren together one day. Now, imagine being able to sit down with your children or even grandchildren one day and show them where it all began! The moment you devoted your life's journey to the man you still sit by, holding hands that have changed just as your love story has. A video will allow you to share the sincere moments of your wedding day for years to come! 

Now, go hire a videographer...YOU MUST! 

And you can start by contacting me. I would be honored to get to know you and capture your love story!!


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